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Dental Implants


A dental implant mimics the form and function of a natural tooth, which consists of a root and a crown. The crown is the visible part of your tooth. It is used to chew food and is therefore the most susceptible to cavities. The crown is attached to the jawbone by way of the root. When decay has gone deep enough or when a periodontal disease has advanced enough to warrant an extraction, the entire tooth, root and all, is taken out. The dental implant is a titanium root that gets fitted into a socket that we create in your jaw. Once the root heals, we place an artificial crown on top. The new crown is customized to match your bite and the color of your teeth.

What are the benefits of getting teeth implants?

  • They look and act like natural teeth

  • They can last a lifetime with the right care

  • You don’t need any adhesives

  • They improve appearance, comfort, and speech

  • It’s easier to eat

Single Tooth Implant

A missing tooth can affect the way you eat, speak, look and feel.

It might be that you’ve suffered trauma, infection, a root fracture or a failed filling. Maybe your crowns keep falling out or you’ve been missing a tooth from birth. Whatever the cause, a dental gap can be a source of distress and discomfort.

An implant-supported single crown looks and feels just like a natural tooth. It’s fairly straightforward to insert and causes no damage to the adjacent teeth.  – unlike a bridge which can damage the healthy teeth on either side, possibly creating more problems for the future.

By filling in the gap it stops the bone loss which happens when a tooth root is no longer there. Indeed, it can actually help to stimulate the bone and prevent sideways movement among the surrounding teeth. With conventional good oral hygiene and dental care, Dental implants boast a 98% long-term success rate.- which shows how incredibly effective this treatment option can be.

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Multiple tooth implant.png

Multiple Tooth Implant

If you have Poorly fitting partial dentures or a bridge which is failing, you will know that this can lead to embarrassment and discomfort. Common complaints include getting food stuck under the denture, having to say no to certain types of food and even ill-fitting dentures simply falling out.

If this is something you can relate to, a  permanently fixed, implant-supported bridge could be your answer. It looks and functions just like natural teeth. With no need for removal or cleaning, there’s no risk of damaging adjacent healthy teeth. This solution also prevents shrinkage of the underlying bone and should last a lifetime with good oral hygiene and professional maintenance.

Implant Overdenture

An implant over denture fits over your own remaining natural teeth roots or dental implants that have been installed by your dental clinician. The retained root or implant provides you with excellent stability and support for your denture implants.

Unlike traditional dentures, root-supported or implant-supported overdentures or implant dentures are held in place by dental attachments which provide the retentive strength that you desire. An attachment retained implant overdenture will provide maximum retention, increase in function, and added health benefits. Implant overdenture attachments are composed of two working components; the root post which is cemented into your root or an implant abutment that is threaded into your implant, and the denture cap which is retained in the underside of your denture.

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Full Arch Replacement

Loose, uncomfortable or ill-fitting conventional complete dentures can make life very difficult. Common complaints include being unable to chew properly or eat certain foods or that the plate itself triggers your gag reflex, Wearers often find they struggle to speak clearly or smile confidently. Denture paste has to be with you at all times!

If this is something you can relate to, an implant-supported complete arch bridge (fixed or removable) could be a fantastic solution for you. It looks , feels and functions just like having your natural teeth back again, providing all the support and stability you need without applying any pressure to your gums. You have the choice – either a fixed bridge or a removeable bridge. With a dental implant full bridge, you can throw away your denture paste forever!

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Dental Implant Procedure

We’ll tell you exactly what to expect and how to prepare.

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Implant aftercare

All the information you need on looking after your implants.

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