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Private Dental Treatment Costs

Our aim is to provide you with professional and expert dental care at affordable and competitive prices. We believe in transparent pricing, with no hidden charges, as nobody likes unwelcome surprises when it comes to paying a bill. Our private fees are regularly benchmarked against local practices to ensure that they are always very competitive. Our aim is to provide you with high quality dentistry whilst also delivering unquestionable value for money.

Dentist Appointment

Example Treatment Costs

The following table is intended to serve as a FEE GUIDE for some of the private treatments that we offer. Please note that treatments can vary considerably in their complexity, and therefore, the treatment time required. In addition, the materials and laboratories selected will also influence the fee for a particular treatment. We believe in simple, transparent fees and we will always provide you with a written treatment plan and quotation. Please feel free to discuss your treatment options and costs with your dentist.

Emergency Appointment
Simple X-ray
Study Models
Surgical Extraction from
Hygiene Appointment (with Hygienist)
Fibre-Optic Post
Sports Guard
Bridges - porcelain bonded (per unit)
Dental Sedation
Emax Onlay
Composite Onlay
White Filling - Small
White Filling - Medium
White Filling - Large
White Filling - Extra Large
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment Anterior
Root Canal Treatment Premolar
Root Canal Treatment Molar
Full Dentures (Acrylic)
Partial Denture upper of lower (Acrylic)
from £260
Single Tooth Replacement
from £2,300
Multiple Tooth Replacement
from £4,300
Implant Overdenture
from £3'600
Full Arch Replacement
from £12,000
Crown - back teeth (porcelain bonded)
Emax Crown
Short-Term Orthodontics
Adult braces (Quick Straight Teeth) Single Arch
Adult braces (Quick Straight Teeth) Both Arches
Adult braces (Invasilign)
Teeth Whitening
Internal Bleaching per visit
Teeth Whitening (Home)
Teeth Whitening (In Chair)
Facial Rejuvenation Treatment
Botox 1 area
Botox 2 areas
Botox 3 areas
Lip Fillers (0.5ml)

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